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Laboratory Cabinets Ready for InstallationWe believe that the overall success of a new laboratory build-out is accomplished only when a perfect installation is completed.  That is why A.T. Villa trusts only Factory Certified Installation Teams to assemble our products.  Our teams are more than just product assemblers; they are carefully trained to receive, inspect, inventory and assemble A.T. Villa product.  They are skilled laborers that often problem solve and field fix field conditions as they arise.  A.T. Villa Installers ensure that your installation continues on schedule and without delay.  Certified Teams are local, regional and national--readily available to scale up or down in their crew size to accommodate even the most demanding installation schedules.

A.T. Villa is one of the very few manufactures that gets directly involved in the installation process. Not only directly involved but we typically handle the complete project management of your installation.  Our teams will take your project from the quote all the way through to the delivery.  Facility Manufacturers Installing Laboratory ProductsThis more comprehensive approach is what gives A.T. Villa the deserved reputation we hold as an on time and accurate supplier.  We look for the most efficient process for your project and facility, whether that be an on-site build or an off-site build and deliver.  Many of our products such as Forte and especially the Ergolab line offer extremely fast and efficient installations with an off-site pre-build process.  With this process the benches are wheeled in fully assembled, set and leveled.  What can take up to weeks to build out with conventional laboratory casework can be completed with in a few days or even one day at your facility when you purchase our more flexible, modular systems.  Please contact us for more information about this process and what might be the best process and offering for your facility.

Facility Manufacturers Installing Laboratory ProductsIn addition to factory direct installations we also sell orders to independent dealers that choose to handle the install process as well as selling direct to larger companies and institutions that have in house millwrights and carpenters to handle the assembly and installation.  With this method A.T. Villa is still very involved to coordinate and assist these groups in the build process.  Whichever process best suits your needs and requirements A.T. Villa will be there.