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It seems nearly every project we do has at least some custom component that is needed. It is very common for client (or architect) to ask for significant additons or alterations to an existing product or concept. The there are the massive projects with a complete design-build process. So that is what we do and do often.

When your project requires new, custom and innovative high quality products we invite you to collaborate with us.   A.T. Villa excels in design-build projects.  We use the latest technology available today for the design, communication, fabrication and logistics process our projects. Our business decisions and investments have positioned us to successfully fulfill these types of projects on time and on budget with award winning results. 

Our design team has the insight of product development and user experience to help provide a more successful end product.  With a vast understanding of variety of manufacturing processes and a wide range of materials we can assist you to turn your dreams into a reality. Projects may require a complete new design process or a unique creation from a standard kit of parts.  Our process often starts very simply. Quick concept drawings and images modeled in Sketchup Pro provide clients a full three dimensional view of possibilities and options. This creates a timely and cost effective exchange of ideas and direction. 

Using REVIT®, BIM (building information modeling) software, ideas are transformed into a universal file format for architects and lab planners; allowing all to share common drawings and information.  When conceptual design work is complete, we transition drawings and information into actual components using SolidWorks®.  This powerful software functions seamlessly; linking component design with state of the art manufacturing equipment. 

A.T. Villa utilizes the latest technology in manufacturing including fiber lasers and automated forming machines.  We utilize lean manufacturing processes and manufacturing methods that allow for rapid prototyping and production to reduce lead times and costs.

New product designs become a reality, quickly, accurately and within budget. 

  • Direct communication with clients, contractors, architects & designers
  • Very quick turnaround of modeled concepts
  • Ability to quickly share concepts with clients via video conference
  • 3D modeling greatly reduces the costs of prototypes
  • Utilize the latest technolgy and software: Revit®, Solidworks®  & Sketchup Pro
  • Rapid prototyping process
  • Lead times on custom products are the fastest in the industry

The Development of a new product offering.....Ergolab™

Award winning designs - and the winner is Bravo!

The Bravo system was a design-build project for the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery in Madison, Wis. This venture was a partnership with
University of Wisconsin/ Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF) and the Morgridge Center for Research. The 330,000 square feet complex was design by Ballinger Architects.

The goal was to design a facility that would be viable for 100 years. The ultimate in flexability was required for the laboratory casework. With the exception a few wall mounted glassware cabinets and the casework under the fume hoods, all of the casework were caster-based mobile cabinets. Some of the structure of these benches came from the nucleaus of the Ergolab™ design but with a far more internal use of services for gas and power inside the uprights. All of the services were designed a modular components. These bench structures are not UL listed but the components are. With this approach gases, power, shelving, lighting....everything involved in the benching system can be moved, relocated and adjusted in the labs with out requiring new benches to be ordered.

This project and it's systems had the honor of winning R&D Magazine's Lab of the Year 2012.

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