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A.T. Villa is a manufacturer of laboratory casework and modular furniture systems for laboratories. With installations around the globe and our 90 year history, we have the experience and knowledge for your laboratory project.

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Exploring the Possibilities

Adaptable, Mobile, Flexible, Modular....all of these have been used to describe laboratory casework and lab furniture systems that have the ability to change with the times. Whichever word is used A.T. Villa has been a leader in their innovation for decades.

Our product lines offer not only a wide range of performance criteria but also many price points to meet your budget. When it comes to custom solutions we truly excel with our clients, architects and lab planners. A combination of experience and thinking outside of the box keeps us a step ahead of the competition.

A.T. Villa exceeds through the entire project by staying hands-on with design, fabrication and installation. The A.T. Villa team is fully engaged in all of our projects from drawings to final install. 

A.T. Villa proudly manufactures all of our systems in the USA. We strive to respect our natural resources in design, manufacturing, packaging and transportation.

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"A.T. Villa was presented with a challenging design and tight schedule to install laboratory furniture that will support scientists working on the Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) mission. They were able to provide us with detailed design visualization of their proposed layout and successfully delivered and installed the laboratory furniture in just a few days. The value of the furniture and satellite service provider exceeds our expectations and the MSL customer is delighted with their new home. I would highly recommend A.T. Villa to anyone!"

• Thomas S. Livengood, The Boeing Company, Kennedy Space Center, FL

"WET designs and engineers exceptional solutions for our clients and their projects. WET demands the same superior performance from A.T. Villa’s benching systems for our R&D laboratories. A.T. Villa not only provides an extremely functional product offering, they also design systems that can be used as true show places for our clients to tour."

• Rich Malone, WET Design

"...I can always count on A.T. Villa to provide top quality product, on time and on budget.  Their customer service levels and attention to detail ensure that every project installs without issue--whether it's a 15-bench renovation or a 1000-bench new construction project. A.T. Villa consistently exceeds M.D. Anderson's highest expectations..."

• Kim Dulski, M.D. Anderson Cancer Center    

“We have had many build outs with A.T. Villa and they have provided excellent service, with professionalism and efficiency. Working with them has always been a pleasure and we will continue to do so in the future!”

• Annie Dinh, Agrinos

“Good products. Friendly service – A.T. Villa goes the extra mile to satisfy their customers. Our labs look gorgeous and are a true pleasure to work in.”

• Raisa Pavlyuchkova, Varian Medical Systems, Inc.

“A.T Villa proposed and delivered their top quality, adaptable products on time and on budget.  MCA received great support and attention to detail.”

• Jesus Carillo, Medical Center of the Americas.

“It is always a pleasure working with the dedicated project managers at A.T. Villa.  The casework products are of the highest quality and are always as expected.  A.T. Villa’s attention to detail and comprehensive designs of products have given me a sense of comfort with my projects. The casework is always manufactured and delivered on time and the installations are completed in a very efficient manner.  I would highly recommend A.T. Villa for any casework or laboratory projects.”

• LaTanya Thibou, UTMB Health