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Laboratory Faucets, Gas Valves & Power Solutions

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The service distribution is the cardiovascular system of the laboratory

The proper distribution of gases, power and data to your equipment should be given the utmost forethought.

Fixture Products Overview

Ceiling Service Panels 

The most cost effective, common sense approach to laboratory service distribution.

"Anyone can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple." (Charles Mingus) 

The Home Run Solution

A simple flexible hose system with fewer chances for leaks
A continual run from ceiling to bench making it easy to relocate gases and power
UL Listed and CSA Certified Products


  • Simplifies the connections with fewer joints
  • Factory assembled and tested
  • 100% flexible all the way to the gas valve or power plugs
  • The best value when it come time for change
  • Faster install - faster relocations



A complete offering of laboratory fixtures for water, gases and safety.

  • Laboratory Water Valves
  • Laboratory Single Faucets
  • Laboratory Mixing Faucets
  • Combination Fixtures
  • General Purpose and Hospital Faucets
  • Foot-Operated Faucets
  • Electronic Faucets
  • Pre-Rinse Faucets
  • Pure Water Fixtures
  • Needle Valves
  • Pressure Regulators
  • Fine-Control Needle Valves
  • Laboratory Ball Valves
  • Steam Valves
  • Fume Hood Fittings
  • Vandal-Resistant Fixtures
  • Flexible PVC Lab Grade Hoses
  • Flexible Lab Grade Burning Gas Hoses
  • Recessed Laboratory Units
  • Emergency Showers
  • Eye/Face Washes
  • Eyewashes
  • Eyewash Drench Hose Units
  • Drench Hose Units
  • Safety Stations
  • Barrier-Free Units
  • Vandal Resistant Units

A.T. Villa proudly offers Watersaver’s full offering of faucets, valves, safety equipment and related products. 

A.T. Villa’s product engineers work hand in hand with those at Watersaver to continually design state of the art solutions to develop and set the standard for laboratory service design. 



Laboratory Connection Products and Aluminum Raceways - VERSA-DUCT

PG LifeLink specializes in providing UL Listed flexible design options to meet your requirements. LabLink products are fully customizable, pre-wired and pre-assembled. This saves you valuable installation time while offering significant labor savings and eliminating on-site material scrap.

LabLink Connection Products are used for the containment and connectivity of power, communication, data, air, gas and vacuum services. These products provide versatile and functional solutions for many markets and applications most commonly research, private and educational laboratories. LabLink Connection Products are also installed wherever customized raceway connectivity is required.

LabLink Product Features:

  • Versatile solution for combining several services into one system
  • Fully customizable to meet your project’s specifications
  • UL Listed
  • Pre-cut, pre-wired and pre-assembled to save on installation costs and material waste
  • Manufactured from a durable and corrosion resistant aluminum alloy
  • Clear satin anodized finish & color matched powder coat

Swagelok provides high-purity fittings designed to minimize particle generation and entrapment to high-strength fittings designed to hold high pressure, Swagelok products deliver dependable, leak-tight performance. 

Swagelok manufactures many specialty components for gas and air supply used in laboratories including bulkheads and dielectric fittings. Like lab jewelry their product offering is vast and built to amazing quality standards.

Whether you need fittings for corrosive environments or extreme temperatures, fittings to maintain vacuum or withstand high pressure, or a proven partner who understands your industry, you’ll be well-connected with Swagelok.

Geist designs and manufactures industry- leading technology and software for powering, monitoring, cooling and managing critical data center infrastructure. They produce affordable, quality products. 

We partnered with Geist for high quality and economical power strips for over 15 years. One of our largest clients, M.D. Anderson prefers these simple power strips in their facilities as do many clients. We provide brackets for a many configurations; the power strips can be mounted vertically or horizonatlly on our benches and tables.

  • Many widths available 17" - 84"
  • Twist lock or staright blade plugs
  • Variety of outlet configurations and voltages
  • Surge protection options
  • Power monitoring options
  • Color: Black     Yes......only black

Overhead Service Carriers - OHSC

A.T. Villa were pioneers in the development of the suspended and bridge type overhead service carriers decades ago. It may seem odd that we now often try to dissuade customers for installing them. They have their place in the lab, especially when using mobile benching systems.

After many years of working with these systems we saw first hand the expense and complexity of installing them. Working around the mechanic. plumbing and electrical in a complex lab creates many challenges for space to secure them.

In addition to them being an expensive solution, clients that install them have found that they are not very flexible. Relocating the carrier is very challenging and relocating the services within them is also a very difficult process. So after many years of promoting them, partly because they look so impressive we realized they are not very practical. The Ceiling Service Panel may not offer as much of a wow-factor but they sure are practical, affordable and simple.